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Draft tidbits: Grandal, Aviles and more

Hey guys —

Sitting at the airport, waiting to fly to NY for the big event on Monday. Lots of news out there — things slowly starting to take shape — but still a ton of volatility. Keep checking back here as I’ll try to blgo with what I’m hearing. My last mock of the first round will go live Monday morning, and I’ll be sure to throw updates right up until the first pick is made.

So, here’s the latest buzz.

The biggest comes from a report, courtesy of Frankie Piliere over at Fanhouse, stating that the Royals and Miami catcher Yasmani Grandal had agreed to a pre-draft deal. I’ve been told that the report is not true, though the Royals technically can’t announce something like that now anyway. I do hear, at the very least, that Grandal is the front-runner to go at No. 4.

That leaves Cleveland with a choice of lefties in Drew Pomeranz and Chris Sale, or college bats like Michael Choice or Zack Cox. Right now, I’m thinking it will be Sale, but still some time to go on that one.

A little further down the road, Robbie Aviles, the high-school righty in the New York area, has an elbow injury. It was reported on that he came out of his last start with a sore elbow, had an MRI and x-rays and was diagnosed with a partial ligament tear. Speaking with a scout in the area, I’ve been told is indeed a partial tear and flexor sprain. As of right now, they are not recommending surgery. Aviles could have gone as high as the supplemental first round or second round. We’ll have to see if it impacts his stock much. As it’s pointed out in the LoHud story, teams aren’t too scared off by elbow issues these days because of the success rate in recovery. Even if he needed Tommy John surgery, that may not hurt where he goes too much.

Much, much more to come…

No-nos abound for Draft prospects

On the one hand, you expect these top high school Draft prospects to dominate their opponents. On the other, a no-hitter is still a no-hitter, right?

In this week’s batch of Draft Reports (along with a feature on North Carolina’s Matt Harvey) is a report on California righty Taijuan Walker. Interesting thing about the report is that it wasn’t a glowing one. Not that Walker doesn’t have talent, mind you. But he’s been maddeningly inconsistent, both start-to-start and between starts. But I talked to a scout who saw him today who reported that Walker threw a no-hitter against Eisenhower High School. His velocity was right around 90-93 the entire start, it didn’t vary, and he maintained it throughout the start. His slider, which did not look good in earlier viewings, looked a lot sharper (it still needs some work, but it was vastly improved). Now, if Walker can keep that up in his following starts, he’ll continue to move up Draft boards.

aviles.jpgOne no-hitter is nice. But how about two, back-to-back? And what if one of them was a perfect game? That’s what Suffern HS RHP Robbie Aviles has done in his last two starts. Last week, he threw a perfect game.Then yesterday came the no-hitter. According to the story on, Aviles didn’t even realize he had the no-no because he started the game with two walks and walked four total. He struck out 15 and hasn’t allowed a run this season (spanning 20 innings). The Northeast guys always get a later start because of the weather and when there’s a guy making things happen like this, he’ll become a hot commodity in a hurry. The report said there were 30 scouts in attendance yesterday and it sounds like there were more than just area guys there. He starts again on Wednesday, so let’s see if he can make it three in a row.

Just some Draft tidbits for you while you’re waiting to see if the rain stops in Oxford, Mississippi for the big Anthony Ranaudo vs. Drew Poermanz matchup.

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